Financial Support

Recurring Donations

The support we receive from our monthly donors is hugely beneficial and provides a reliable stream of income for our services. A number of meals we can provide per monthly donation can be found below: 

$5              20
$10            41
$25            103
$50            206
$100          412
$50            2,063
$1,0000     4,127

If you’d like to become a monthly donor, please fill out this form on our website, or contact a member of Development at info@careforreal.or

Annual Support

Care for Real sends out our Annual Appeal letters in November. These letters are sent to anyone who has donated in the last few years to Care for Real. If you would like to be included in this list, please contact a member of Development at

Additionally, Care for Real has many annual events which take place throughout the year. This includes Chi-town Jazz Festival, A Tale to Remember, the 30 Kids in 30 Days campaign, our Back to School and holiday drives, and the Greater Chicago Food Depository Hunger Walk.

We always have new events on the calendar- be sure to follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and check the website for regular updates!